Apply for Your $500 Mentoring Storytelling Grant!
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Tell us a little bit about your event idea!  Will you gather stories at a regular programming night?  Do you want to host a special open house specifically to collect stories? *Please note that regardless of the type of event, it must take place between May 9th and 19th, 2019.


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We're looking to support events where the end result is a collection of mentoring stories in any format -- audio or video clips, paintings, collages, poems, performances, etc.  Tell us more about the types of mentoring stories you expect to collect and approximately how many.  Example: "We're planning to capture at least 8 video clips of mentors and mentees sharing their stories."  OR "We're planning to make 5 collages that depict mentoring in action."

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If applicable, will you be able to provide photo/video releases for all mentors/mentees featured in the mentoring stories?

Not applicable as our stories won't feature people's images.
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Approximately how many youth do you serve through your mentoring program?


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How many mentors volunteer in your program?


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What mentoring model does your program follow?
Peer Mentoring