Fit and Fun Playscapes Sample Request Form
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For sample requests within the USA and Canada, please enter the information indicated below. For sample requests that are to be sent to locations outside of USA and Canada, international sample charges will need to be applied but standard shipping is free.  Please click here to order your international sample. 

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Of which game products would you like to obtain a sample?

Reusable Stencils (Templates that get painted, usually on outdoor pavement)
Super Stickers (Sensory or activity path stickers that are currently for indoor use only)
Roll-out Games To-go (Vinyl games that roll-out/ up for indoor recess or pop-up events)
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When do you plan to make your purchase or decision?

Immediately (within week)
Soon (within next month or two)
We have time (within a few months)
Not sure (and that's okay!)
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