2019/20 Harvest of the Month Registration for NEW Feeding and Garden Sites
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Thank you for registering for Illinois Harvest of the Month, a local food promotional program with curriculum, tools, and activities to promote local, healthy foods and encourage kids to enjoy them! By registering for this program you agree to add local/regional foods or foods from a school or community garden to your feeding program. This may be accomplished through cafeteria or classroom tastings, or food items may be directly added to the menu(s). We are available to assist you with procurement methods and to help you locate area food sources so you may find the amount and varieties of foods you need. Please review the definition of local foods below before continuing with your registration.  
If you have questions before you register, please contact me at diane@sevengenerationsahead.org

Local Foods defined for Harvest of the Month:
*The definition of "local" is based on the number of miles to your location and will be set by you based on the availability of local foods in your area.
*Local foods for this program can be utilized in several healthy forms including fresh, fresh-cut, frozen, dried, and value-added dairy and staples. Frozen foods must be minimally processed to retain the natural appearance and taste of the food. Ex: french fries or potato smiles are not considered a local selection. However, frozen cubed regional potatoes (minimally processed) are a local selection.
*Value-added products like dairy, legumes, and baked items should be processed in, and have primary ingredients sourced from, your defined local area.
*Sourcing regionally is also considered local for this program. IL Harvest of the Month regional states includes Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and Ken
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Feeding Site Participation Level. Select all that apply.
Entire school district
Individual school site(s)
Early childcare site(s)
Afterschool feeding program site(s)
Summer feeding site(s)
After school activity program site(s)
Garden program site(s)
Culinary Arts program site(s)
Residential program site(s)
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Share your information with us! Please describe your feeding site or program so we may better understand your needs. 

Include (1) the number of sites in your program, (2) the estimated number of children participating, how long your program operates or runs, and (3) the type of program you manage. Please share all pertinent information about your program in a brief profile.


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Please tell us if you anticipate immediate assistance in any of the categories below based on previous experience with farm to school or another relevant program. If this is your first experience with farm to school, local procurement and/or utilizing garden produce please check the end box.

Local foods procurement
Utilizing garden produce
Creating and executing food education activities
Outreach to promote your program to the community
Building a team or building support for your efforts
I am new to this type of programming, help!
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If you represent a food service/feeding program or intend to partner with a feeding program, please list your primary vendor and any produce vendors you contract with for the procurement of fresh produce and value-added produce products.

If you are not a school district food service please write N/A.


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It's all about sharing!
You can achieve the greatest results with the Harvest of the Month program when you plan ahead, promote your efforts, and build your program slowly. Sharing your plan to gain the support of your organization, group, or school district will help you to develop a successful and impactful program. Taking a moment to share your successes and accomplishments will help others to realize the potential opportunities through involvement in the program.

Asking for assistance when your plan falters, or when issues are setting back your progress allows you to overcome those obstacles. 
Please answer the questions with this in mind.
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Are you willing to: 

watch a short webinar on farm to school planning or review the USDA farm to school planning tools?
create a short outline or a brief plan for your Harvest of the Month project before you begin?
share your plan with like-minded staff, your adminstrators or community members?
contact us when you cannot locate or grow local foods?
contact us for help with other program-related issues?
share your progress when requested to better develop tools and best practices?
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