IRA Student Membership
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To what identity do you most identify?
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Concerning the topics listed, please rank each topic based on your level of concern about the current condition. 
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Water quality   
Air quality   
Climate change   
Food waste   
Renewable and clean energy   
Oceanic Plastics   
Ground Water Contamination   
Environmental Justice   

Are you involved in any type of environmental group? If so, please name it and explain its main goal/purpose. 


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Required 7.
Have you heard of the Iowa Recycling Association (IRA)?

The IRA is a membership-based, non-profit which promotes recycling and waste-reduction activities to create a healthier environment. Through programming, advocacy, resource sharing, and networking opportunities, the IRA provides information and education to the public, policy makers, and industry professionals.

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Please rank your interest level in the following, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not interested at all and 10 being very interested: 

 No interest    Somewhat interested     Very interested 
Attending tours of local businesses tied to the environment. These could include recycling facilities, manufacturing companies, and certified green breweries.
A mentorship program that connects students with IRA members in different job fields. This could include (but not limited to) landfill operators, environmental educators, jobs within the public works department, solid waste agencies, and planning services.
Attending the IRA conference in October which would have student-specific sessions and events.
Meeting with other IRA student members from around the state on topics of interest and campus needs - perhaps once a semester.
Would you like more information about student memberships to the IRA?
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If not interested, please provide feedback to help us better meet the needs of students.

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