Camp Bruce McCoy Training Module 3 Quiz
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Check all of the counselor responsibilities discussed in this module. Helping campers with:
Activities of daily living (ADLs)
Social engagement
Administering medications
Money management
Picking activities
Behavior management
Required 3.

The number one responsibility for counselors is ____________

Having fun
Making sure campers have fun
Making sure campers participate
Camper safety
Required 4.
All of the following are examples of good body mechanics during transfers EXCEPT ______.
Keeping your back straight
Keeping a narrow base of support
Pivoting instead of twisting
Lifting more with your legs than arms
Required 5.
Assistance levels are ___________.
A way for staff to communicate a camper's needs with one another
A way for campers to communicate their needs with staff
Best determined by keeping an open communication with a camper
All of the above
The following questions are a request for feedback. They are optional, but highly encouraged for continued improvement of this training process. Thank you!
What did you think of the length of this module?
Too short
Too long
Appropriate length
Was there anything in this module, in your opinion, that could or should have been explained better?

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