Camp Bruce McCoy Training Module 4
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Required 2.
When facilitating camp activities, this module addressed all of the following EXCEPT _____.
Problem solving
Time management
Skills assessment
Task analysis
Required 3.
Most days will allow for campers to participate in up to _____ different small group activities (not including camp-wide activities).
As many as they want
Required 4.
Camp Bruce McCoy, including all of its staff and campers, are guests at Triple R Ranch and should abide by all Ranch policies while on the premises.
Required 5.
The type of seizure defined by a sudden loss of consciousness is called a ________ seizure.
Grand mini
Grand mal
Partial complex
Partial simple
The following questions are a request for feedback. They are optional, but highly encouraged for continued improvement of this training process. Thank you!
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Too long
Appropriate length
Was there anything in this module, in your opinion, that could or should have been explained better?

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