Network'ing Event Submission for Review
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THANK YOU for hosting an upcoming Network'ing Event!  Please give us the details of the event so we can create the Marketing Materials and help with any suggestions.

When completed, please TEXT 480-490-2019 -> Network'ing Submitted
(or something like that so we know to come and get the info! We do not get notified otherwise) Thank you!!
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Host Member Name:


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Host Member Location:


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Host Member Cell Phone:


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Host Member Email:


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Your USPS Address for Package of Tools...


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Specific Network'ing Location:

Restaurant Name, Address, Phone Number

Needs to be available to all ages


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Required 7.

Specific Network'ing Day & Date:

(Monday-Thursday During a Network'ing Week)


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Required 8.

Specific Network'ing Time: (add time zone)

(Suggested minimum 2 hours)


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Required 9.
Additional Information:
Tell us about the event, if there is anything special that guests should know.
Feel free to use bullet points and we will turn it into sentences...

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Required 10.

What time would you like Charlene to Call in?


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Required 11.

What Facebook Messenger Account Name will Charlene Call? 

If you don't have Facebook please note here, or see if another member can host the call to their Phone/Tablet.  She will set up a quick test prior to the event.


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Required 12.

Would there be a Cost to Attending? 

They are responsible for any food/drinks they order.
Yes, Please add notes on how much and why
Yes, Needs to be collected ahead via LON Store. Please add notes
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Required 13.

Once the marketing flier is available I have plans to take it to:

(check all that apply)

Local Offroad Shops
Local Motorcycle Dealerships
Local Jeep and Toyota Dealerships
Local Offroad Parks
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Required 14.

By putting your name in the next line, you recognize that you have read into and understand that a Network'ing Event is built to be a non-vehicle based fun event that revolves around offroad topics and conversations that may lead to future plans for weekend adventures as a group. They are meant to be casual where a new lady, or a member, can come right after work and feel like she fits right in.  These Network'ing events are not meant to be a hands-on learning session, those are for other times, but this is your time to plan them! Network'ing events are the core to Chapters communication.

You recognize that as a host you have a set of responsibilities including help get the marketing out, arriving early before guests, greeting guests, checking-in guests, hosting Charlene's call, answering questions about Ladies Offroad Network, making the given announcements, help new ladies start conversations with others, get pictures on list, submit a short writeup and other unique opportunities that may arise.  

Mostly, you are asked to be awesome and all encompassing to everyone wanting to be part of this event and Ladies Offroad Network by extending Ladies Offroad Network's core vision that includes "Everyone Is Welcome and Will Feel Welcome".



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When completed, please TEXT 480-490-2019 -> Network'ing Submitted
(or something like that so we know to come and get the info! We do not get notified otherwise) 

Thank you!! I sincerely appreciate you hosting this Network'ing Event!  You are taking on a leading role in making sure ladies have others to learn and enjoy the dirt with! This is going to be fun!  :)  ~ Charlene