2019 ORTIi Pre-Conference Feedback Survey
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How satisfied were you with the KEYNOTE address by Chris Riley-Tillman: What is an Evidence Based Intervention? Choosing and Implementing Academic and Behavior Interventions That Work

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Please rate the end-of-the-day Interactive Session you attended and provide any feedback you would like.
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Facilitated Q&A with Chris Riley-Tillman
Tier 2 Table Talks
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Of the breakout sessions you attended, which ones were the most helpful? Please provide presenter name or topic. What made these sessions helpful? 


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Of the breakout sessions you attended, were there any that you had concerns about? Please provide the presenter name or topic. Please describe your concerns. 


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How much do you agree/disagree with the following statement? "This Pre-conference day has increased my skills/knowledge."
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What suggestions do you have to improving this training?

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