FutureHeights Survey
Noble Road is the most significant street in the northeast section of Cleveland Heights, giving its name to an area known as the "Noble Neighborhood." FutureHeights, in cooperation with several community partners, is conducting a planning study of Noble Road which will comprise a market analysis and revitalization plan for the commercial/mixed-use districts along the corridor. Among the many goals of the study are enhancing the image of the neighborhood and improving quality of life for residents.

FutureHeights is working with Noble Neighbors; the cities of Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland; and NOAH, Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope, the CDC for East Cleveland; FutureHeights has engaged Camiros, Ltd., a nationally recognized urban planning firm, and The Riddle Company, a real estate and economic development marketing consulting practice.

On April 4, our consultants shared their updated revitalization ideas for the corridor at a community meeting at McGregor Home. See the presentation here.

This survey asks for your input regarding the updated ideas that Camiros presented on April 4. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey as your feedback is needed in order for us evaluate the suggested redevelopment options and methods for the next phase of the process.