Donor Interest
We'd like your feedback so we can make your experience as a donor the best it can be.
Please rate your agreement with each of the following statements.
 Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Neutral Somewhat agree Strongly agree 
My generosity to Tirgan is appropriately recognized
I believe Tirgan deserves my loyalty
Tirgan transparently shares its financial info
Tirgan solicits donations with appropriate frequency
Tirgan clearly communicates its goals
I believe in Tirgan's goals
I am confident that Tirgan is being run efficiently
I believe that the programs run by Tirgan are valuable
Tirgan communicates openly
I trust Tirgan's leadership
Which of the following fundraising events are you interested in? Please select all that apply.
Gala with silent auction
Dinner dance
Evening boat cruise
Which of the following program(s) are you most interested in? Please select all that apply.
Visual arts
Performing arts
Cultural programs
Kids activities
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Which of the following ways would you like the organization to communicate with you?
Postal mail
Telephone calls
Text Message
Which of the following information would you like to receive from Tirgan?
Calendar of donor events
Information about how contributions are spent
Status on the progress of fundraising
Information about the organization's staff
Stories about how the organization has helped individuals and communities
Information on new programs
Scholarship & Sponsorship
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How likely are you to continue to donate to Tirgan in the future?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Not sure
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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Overall, how satisfied are you with Tirgan?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
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What can Tirgan do to improve your experience as a donor?

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