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All amateur bakers are invited to bring their best apple pie to the Summit Farmers Market by 10:45AM on September 29.  Judging begins at 11AM.  The public will be able to sample all the pies after they have been judged.   All types of apple pie are allowed: dutch apple, caramel apple nut, apple crumb, etc. 

All entrants must bring the recipe for their pie with them on September 29 or enter it below.  The recipe will be shared via email newsletter, social media, and press.  Pies without recipes will not be judged.

If you plan to bring your pie in reusable serving ware, please put a label on the bottom of the dish with your name and phone number.  All dishes will be available for pick up between 12:00 and 12:30PM.  

The pies will be judged on three categories: crust, filling, and appearance.  All components must be made from scratch.  No canned fillings or pre-made crusts are allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact Summit Downtown, Inc. by calling 908-277-6101 or emailing
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