Chamber of Commerce Survey - Travel 2020
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Which of the following trips might interest you? I'm not looking for a commitment...just trying to choose our 2020 destinations. Select all that you might consider for next year. I realize there is very little info here. We will get more details when we narrow our options down a bit.  THANK YOU!!!  (Rates are per person based on double occupancy. Would include shuttle to airport, flight, hotels, some meals, etc)

9 Days Scenic Switzerland - Estimated Rates $4545 PP/Double
9 Days Croatia Explorer - Estimated Rates $3595 - $3795 based on departure month.
8 Days French Riviera and Provence - Estimated Rates: $3395 PP/Double
9 Days Costa Rica Adventure - Estimated Rates November Rates: $3525 PP/Double
11 Days Paris in the Spring, Burgundy & Provence River Cruise - on an exclusive charter $5000-$6800 depending on room
9 Days Normandy, Paris & the Seine River Cruise - on an exclusive charter $4500 - $6100 depending on room
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Looking for another destination? Our tour companies have tons of options. Where would you like to go?


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If you were going on a big trip in 2020, would it most likely be in the Spring or Fall?

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