TC Summer Institutes 2019 Coordinator Evaluation
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Please thoughtfully consider your experience and mark the appropriate answer.


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Coordinator binder: well organized/easy to navigate
Coordinator binder: all inclusive (was everything you needed there?)
Sufficient copies of handouts/backup handouts/blank paperwork
Supplies: did you have everything you needed?
Shipped materials: easy to find things/well organized
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Required 3.

How can we improve the coordinator binder?




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Staff (helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, easy to reach, etc.)
Overall appearance of hotel
Ease of hotel check-in
Quality of food
Quality of banquet room
Quality of sleeping rooms
Quality of training rooms (size, temperature, seating, comfort, ability to see/hear, cleanliness, features)
Quality of office
Quality of amenities (internet, on site restaurants, news stand/gift shop, pool, gym)
Location (near facilities that you needed-restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies)
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Required 5.

What can we do to improve the site?




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Required 6.


 Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent 
Ease of putting together material for participants
Organization of paperwork
Ease/speed of registration
Sufficient time to register everyone
Site and staff helped facilitate a smooth registration process
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Required 7.

What can we do to make registration easier for the coordinator next year?  For the participants?




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 Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent 
Trainers-did we prepare them? (did they know where to go, what to do, daily schedule)
Participants-did we prepare them? (did they know where to go, what to do, daily schedule)
Communication with home office
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Required 9.

Biggest obstacle you ran into:



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Required 10.

Comment heard most often from participants (include both positive and negative):




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Required 11.

Question heard most often from participants:




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Required 12.

Most common comments heard about Schoology (functionality, usefulness, ease, positive or negative):


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Your general impression regarding the electronic coursebook:

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Required 14.

Additional comments/suggestions for next year (anything and everything):




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