All Point Bulletin Delivery Survey
The All Point Bulletin is published on the last Friday of each month and is distributed to all homes in Point Roberts that receives mail delivery from the U.S. Post Office. This survey is intended to determine how well that delivery method is working. Please take a moment to answer a few questions in order to help us serve you better. Thank you.

Which day did you receive the May issue of the All Point Bulletin in your mail box?

Other Day
I did not receive a copy in the mail

If you did not receive a copy in the mail, please tell us which street you live on (a street number would be most helpful but is not mandatory).


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How would you describe the delivery of the APB?

I get it every month without fail
I get it most months
It seems to be hit or miss
I never receive it
Could you please tell us what street you live on?
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If you receive home delivery, do you also tend to pick up the newspaper at one of the drop-off outlets, such as the Marketplace?

Almost always
If it doesn't arrive on the weekend

Thanks for taking the time to do this survey. Is there any comment you would like to make about the delivery or any other aspect of the newspaper?


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