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 How soon are you looking to receive training?
Within the next 2 weeks
Within the next month
Within the next 1 - 3 months
At some point this year
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What's your biggest barrier to receiving training? (Choose all that apply)
My Schedule
I Need Funding Assistance
Reliable Transportation
Finding Childcare
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Which of these best describes your current situation?
Under-Employed or Unemployed
Employed but Looking for a Career Change
Gaining Work/Clinical Experience for College
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What's the furthest you would be willing to travel to receive accelerated career training?

Less than 10 Minutes
10 - 20 Minutes
20 - 30 Minutes
30 Minutes or more
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I would prefer to take an accelerated course that is, at most:

Less than 2 Weeks long
2 - 4 Weeks long
4 - 6 Weeks long
6 - 8 Weeks long
8 Weeks or longer
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What about DRM International Learning Center appeals most to you? (Choose all that apply)
Accelerated Courses
They offer Day, Night & Weekend Classes
Job Search Assistance
Not Sure
Required 7.

Which course or courses would you like to see offered at DRM International Learning Center? (Choose all that apply)

Computer Programming
Dental Assisting
Required 8.

How did you hear about us? (Choose all that apply)

Online Ad / Online Research
Friend / Family
TV / Radio
Music / Video Streaming Website
Billboard / Outdoor Ad
Social Media
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Which of these best describes your age range?

18 to 24
25 to 34
35 to 44
45 +
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