What Do You Want From a Workshop?
I am very interested to know about your art practice and how I can best support you in it. In developing new content for workshops, blog posts, books, and videos, your input will help me address your particular needs. I hope you will find the following questions useful as well, in taking a snapshot of your own art practice and your needs. Thanks in advance for taking the survey!

How long have you been making art? 

less than a year
1 - 3 years
3 - 5 years
more than 5 years
as long as I can remember
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How would you describe your level for the purposes of taking a workshop? 

Advanced beginner
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What is your preferred medium? Select all that apply as preferred, not just any medium you work in. 

acrylic paint
oil and oil media
mixed media
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What are your goals as an artist, in order of importance? Please add any other goals in the comment section. 

(1 = most important)
Discovering my own artistic voice
Selling my work
Pleasure, relaxation
Fulfilling a personal need for self-expression
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The next few questions are specifically about workshops, but the information will also be useful for blog posts, books, and videos.
If you are new to making art, or want to begin an art practice, what type of workshop would you find most inviting? If you are not new to art, please skip this question.
Playing with inexpensive paints and drawing materials in a sketchbook
Introduction to Acryic Abstract Painting
Intuitive Painitng, including drawing and collage
Color Theory and Composition
Painting Flowers (or something specific) in Acrylics
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If you are intermediate to advanced in your art practice, what is the most compelling kind of workshop? These are workshop types; there are specific workshop topics in the next question. 

Mentoriing - independent work with individual coaching in a group setting
Abstract Composition - focusing on visual content, not technique
Painting Techniques - focused on one technique or more, not so much on composition
How to Make A Good Painting Step-By-Step - more direction, less individual freedom
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Please choose your favorites among the topics listed below. 

Building a Body of Work
Professional Art Practices (showing, dealing w/ galleries, your online presence, etc)
All About Art Materials - both technical and experimental
Mark Making: paint, draw, fling, splash....
Color Mixing - beyond the basics
Working in quantity: timed painting, 100 Paintings, The Big Series, etc.
Extreme Layering: collage, paint, sand it down, repeat
Art on a Roll: painting a 10-yard roll of paper, section by section
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What is your preferred length of time for a live workshop? 

one day
two days
3 - 5 days
5 days or more
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If you take online workshops, please rank the following aspects of them. 

(1 = Most)
Individual feedback from me
Interaction with other students
ease of using the online platform
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What is your preferred length for an online workshop? 

4 - 6 weeks / lessons (one lesson per week)
8 - 10 weeks / lessons
6 months or longer
Short and concentrated (one lesson every day for a week, e.g.)
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What is your preferred way to get information and instruction? Take into account convenience, price, logistics, etc.  

Live workshop
Online workshop with feedback and interaction
Downloadable online workshop you do on your own
Videos, with no interaction or feedback
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Is there anything else you could tell me about your art practice that could inform the content that I offer? Is there a particular type of workshop or book or video that you especially would like to see?  


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