Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta Agents of Change Training Application
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Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta (JWFA) promotes social change and expands positive opportunities for Jewish women and girls. JWFA's ACT program builds the capacity of women in Atlanta's Jewish community to become agents of change, developing their skills through exclusive, interactive seminars led by accomplished leaders, activists, and influencers, and providing networking and mentoring opportunities designed to foster a sense of growth personally, professionally and communally.

The pilot class of ACT will launch in fall 2019 and run through spring 2020. Two-hour sessions will be conducted in various locations around Atlanta and will cover a variety of topics, including female leadership in the #metoo era and the power of collective activism. Participants will also be invited to various JWFA programs, meetings, and social gatherings.
This program is open to all women in the Jewish community, ages 25+ who support JWFA's mission to empower women and girls through social change and wish to develop skills to impact their community, share expertise and inspiration, and be part of a network of like-minded women. No previous involvement or leadership experience is necessary.

Before you apply, please confirm that the sessions work within your schedule. Completed applications may be emailed to; mailed to Dina Fuchs-Beresin at JWFA, 1440 Spring St NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30309; or submitted online via this application.

Aside from the orientation, all meetings take place from 12:00pm - 2:00pm and include lunch. The following dates are scheduled: September 18 (mandatory orientation, 6-9 p.m.), October 16, November 13, January 15, February 12, March 11, April 22, May 20.

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If accepted, I agree to the $118 participation fee. I also understand that participation requires that I attend at least seven of the eight sessions and that the orientation session is mandatory.

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What aspects of the program interest you? Please select all that apply.

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Why are you interested in joining ACT, and what skills do you hope to gain?


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