Pledge to help reduce child homelessness in Utah
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Child homelessness is a problem too big to ignore but small enough to be solved if all sectors of our state come together to address it.  
The problem
The first year of life is the time a person living in the United States is most likely to be homeless.  The age group with the second highest incidence of homelessness is children between the age of one and five years old.  A growing body of research shows that homelessness is a traumatic experience that negatively impacts children's health and development. The negative impacts of homelessness on childhood wellbeing increase as the length of homelessness increases.  Our state has the ability to reduce the number of nights children spend in homeless shelters.
Where we are now
2,489 children under the age of 18 lived at a homeless shelter in Utah during 2018.  Several hundred more spent at least one night at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. 51 percent of families with children that enter a homeless shelter leave within a month.  32 percent leave between one month and three months.  13 percent stay for between 3 months and 6 months.  Only one percent of homeless families stay in a shelter for nine months or more.
1.  Increase the number of apartments low income families can afford by producing new units and preserving existing affordable housing that is safe and appropriate for families with children. 
2.  Increase the number of permanent supportive housing units available for the most vulnerable homeless families.  
3.  Increase the income of families who experience homelessness by
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