Janis Web Site Redesign
Thank you for visiting the Janis web site. 

Janis is in the process of redesigning our web site.  Would you please answer a few questions that will help us better navigate our redesigned site?
How easy is it to find what you are looking for?
Very easy
Somewhat easy
Somewhat difficult
Very difficult
Did you visit the Janis web site with a particular product in mind?
Yes, I was looking for a particular Janis product.
No, I wanted to see what Janis offered.
When researching cryogenic equipment, what factors are you looking for?  Please rank most important to least important
 Least Important     Most Important 
Cooling mechanism (ex. LHe, LN2 or mechanically-cooled)
Sample Environment (ex. vacuum, vapor, exchange gas)
Product Line (ex. probe station, magnet system, cryostat)
Application (ex. FTIR, microscopy, neutron scattering, UHV)
Temperature range (ex. 4 K, 10 K, 77 K, ultra low temperature)
Experiment length (reservoir vs continuous flow cryostat)
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