Do your part toward improved internet service for Bermuda
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We're curious, "What's important to you?"
Horizon Communications will deliver fast internet and great customer service.
We're a well-funded Bermudian company, ready to make a difference in Bermuda's internet market, pending regulatory approval. The difference will be:
  • Great Quality of Service - fast, reliable and consistent
  • Customer service that shows we care about your service
  • Easy-install technology

So what are we waiting for?

We're ready to test equipment and 'press play' on providing fast, reliable, wireless internet to Bermuda's homes and businesses, as soon as we're issued an operating licence.
This year government opened up the market to competition by lifting a moratorium on licences - as a new entrant to the market that was great news.
When we get a licence it'll be even better news for you the consumer.
What do you want from your Internet Service Provider?

We're especially curious about what doesn't work for you right now so we can provide a turbo charged and consistently reliable customer experience.

In 3 minutes you can do your part to improve internet service in Bermuda, just by answering these few questions. We appreciate your input.
Required 1.

How satisfied are you with your current provider?

Very dissatisfied - I'm about to switch Somewhat dissatisfied - but why switch? There's no real choice Reasonably satisfied - they could do better Very satisfied and I'd recommend them to others        
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Required 2.

How likely are you to consider switching to a new Internet Service Provider?

Very likely - when do you launch? Somewhat likely - it depends on the offer Somewhat unlikely - I'd rather stick with what I know Very unlikely - I'm happy with my provider        
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Required 3.

If you're somewhat likely or very likely to switch, what is your main reason?

Poor quality of internet signal, strength or service
Customer support - it's hard to get an answer from my current provider
Price - I'd switch to save a few dollars
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Required 4.

As a consumer, do you support more competition in Bermuda's internet market?

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Required 5.

Would Bermuda consumers benefit from competition in the internet market?

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Required 6.

What apps and services do you regularly use?

Internet - email, Google, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook etc
Home phone
Video - Netflix, Firestick, Youtube etc
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Thanks for doing your part toward better internet for Bermuda.
We promise to stay curious.
Our mission will always be to deliver a great customer experience.
We want to stay in touch and hope that you do too. 
There are great things on the Horizon.
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