Bizniversity- Event Meeting Questionnaire
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Title or Name of Event: (For example: "Yearly Sales Training", "Monthly Meeting", "Lunch and Learn", "Strategic Growth Summit".


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Write the Event Registration Website Page below.


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Date(s) to be held:


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Required 5.

Address of Event Location:(specify exact meeting room, parking, and any other specifications that will help us arrive to your location)


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Write your meeting agenda below including any training or speaking that will take place before and after our class.


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Required 7.
What are the 3 most important objectives you want to achieve from this class?

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What would make this class more meaningful to your group?

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Required 9.
What is your budget for this event?
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Estimated Number of Attendees


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Required 11.
What types of business owners will be represented?
Accounting Firms
Certified Financial Planners
Insurance Brokers
Real Estate Brokers
Printing Companies
Medical Doctor Practices
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Required 12.

Will we be allowed to promote and up-sell our events and solutions?

Yes you can promote and upsell event registrations
Yes with some limitations stated below
Yes we will provide a table at the back of the room for product sales
No but we will pay you & promote you and your website before and after the event
No because we are happy to pay you for your time and travel expenses
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