Rosemont College Reunion 2019 Evaluation Form
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Dear Reunion Class Member,
Thank you for attending Reunion Weekend 2019. Your feedback helps us make this event better each year. Please take a few moments to complete this online evaluation form. Or, if you previously completed a form during your visit to campus, but did not submit your form to a staff member, please contact the Alumni Office at 610.527.0200 ext. 2805 so that we can make arrangements to collect your form. Thanks again! 

Joe Darrah
Director, Alumni Relations
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Reunion invitation from Rosemont
Social Media communications
Call or email from a classmate or college staff
RoCo Connections (Digital Magazine)
Rosemont website
Enjoyed previous Reunion(s)
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What is the likelihood you will attend your next Reunion at Rosemont?

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How would you rate the following events during Reunion 2019?

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Town Hall Meeting & Awards Ceremony
Rose Luncheon
"Back to Class" Lectures
Campus Tour
Art Hour with President Hirsh
Alumnae Artists Exhibit
Rose & Gray
Reunion Mass
Farewell Brunch
Schools of Graduate & Professional Studies Reception
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How would you rate the following aspects of Reunion 2019?

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Event Promotion & Communication  
Class Committee Communication  
Registration Process  
Cost of Events  
Timeline of Events  
On-Campus Accommodations & Information for Attendees  
Bookstore Hours  
Student Volunteers & Staff Members  
Appearance of Campus  
Food & Beverage Menu & Service  
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How would you describe your connection with Rosemont after attending Reunion 2019?

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