2019 PIE Measurables
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It is imperative we track the outcomes of the Partners In Education (PIE) program. Information obtained from the measurables are used to communicate PIE's impact in our community. Due to its importance. ALL partnerships are required to complete this form.

Please complete a separate form for each one of your school's partners.

Example: Main Street Elementary School is partnered with ABC Construction, Main Street Church, and 456th Comp. Three separate forms must be completed - one for each partner.

It is acceptable for business/community partners to fill out the measurable form for their business/organization.  

If you have questions or concerns contact Angela Allison at aallison@columbusgachamber.com.

Required 1.
Please enter the information indicated below.

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Company Name:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Name of Community Partner:
Name of Partnered School:

Required 2.
How would you categorize your partnership?
Business or Corporation
Non-profit or Civic Organization
Faith Based
Military Unit
Required 3.

What types of activities does your organization provide to your partnered school? Select all that apply.

Career Exploration/Guest Speakers
Classroom Volunteer/Tutor
Enriching School Climate
Donor Support (In-Kind or Financial)
Job Shadow/Internship for Students
Job Shadowing/Internships of Teachers
Literacy Support
Mentorship- Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support
School Beautification/Site Improvement
STEM Projects
Volunteer Activities (Clubs/Comptetiion/At-
hletic Events/Special Events)
Workplace Tour Site
Math Support
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Required 4.

Please list the total number of volunteer hours your organization contributed to PIE in 2019. If none, type N/A.


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Required 5.
Please list the total amount of financial contributions your organization made to your partnered school. If none, type N/A.

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Required 6.
Please list the total amount of in-kind contributions your organization made to your partnered school. If none, type N/A. 

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Required 7.

How would you rate your partnership?

Needs Improvement Somewhat Engaged Engaged Strongly Engaged        
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