Mortgage Bankers Association of Alabama Survey
We would like your input on what, and how, our seminars can be of the most value to you.  Our education sessions are geared toward our members' needs to stay updated with the current issues of the mortgage industry and the many challenges it faces daily.  This survey is not only for the monthly classes, but the classes we hold at the annual convention as well.

We hope attending our live education seminars will keep you well informed and updated on the latest issues in the market today.  Help us to find out what topic will motivate you and your peers to attend.  Live classes also help in networking with your peers and sharing ideas in and out of class.

Please take the time to respond to this survey to help MBA of Alabama serve you better.

What topics are you most likely to attend?  (Check all that apply)

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Do you have a suggestion for a different topic that would be more meaningful to you? 


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How can we improve the seminars to make them more meaningful to you?


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