Center for Autism Research Survey
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Please select the option that best describes you.
I have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
I have a family member on the autism spectrum
I work with individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
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Please rank your preference for the following language choices when referring to yourself or others' autism diagnosis. Feel free to add your own comments in the space provided.

 Strongly Prefer Slightly prefer Depends on context (please elaborate below) No preference Slightly dislike Strongly dislike 
"I'm autistic"
"S/he is autistic" or "They are autistic"
"I have autism"
"S/he has autism" or "They have autism"
"I am on the autism spectrum"
"S/he is on the autism spectrum" or "They are on the autism spectrum"
"Students with autism"
"Autistic students"
"Students on the autism spectrum"
Other (please comment)
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What else would you like us to know about the way you choose to refer to yourself or others diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder?


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