Ask the Deacons Survey
This Fall our Deacons will offer a monthly series for adult faith formation sessions on whatever topics you like and would find most helpful. To help us, please respond to your interests and indicate the top areas you would like us to address. If there is nothing listed, please add your own below!

What topics would you like to learn more about? 

About the Mass
The Various Ministries at Mass
Sacraments (in general)
Sacraments (one at a time!)
Questions on Marriage
What are "Annulments"?
What is the R.C.I.A.?
Popular Devotions
Who are the Saints?
Church History
What is Church Law?
What was Vatican II?
The Bible (in general)
The Four Gospels (or we can take them one at a time!)
The Letters of St. Paul
Acts of the Apostles
The Book of Revelation (and all those strange sights and sounds!)
Catholic Social Teaching
What is a "Just War"?
Who are Deacons and Why do we Have Them?

More topics to choose from:

How Do You Become a Deacon?
How Do You Become a Priest?
How are bishops appointed?
What is a Bishop and What Does He Do?
Catholics and US Politics
Why Can't Father Ron Run for President?
Didn't find anything in that list? That's OK! Tell us what you'd like to talk about in the space below! Thanks!


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