Marlette Shopping, Dining & Entertainment Survey
Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey for Project Rising Tide Marlette. Your answers to this survey will help us in recruiting new businesses to our area by showing the interest level of residents and employees in the Marlette area. 

How often do you go out to lunch each month? Choose only one answer. Include all fast food, takeout and sit down restaurant meals. 

4-5, about once a week
6-10, about twice a week
11-15, about three times a week
16+, 4-5 times a week
Never or very rarely go out to lunch

About how often do you eat dinner away from home each month? Choose only one answer.  Include all fast food, takeout & sit down restaurant meals

Once a week or so, 4-5 times a month
Twice a week or so, 6-10 times a month
Three times a week or so, 11-15 times a month
Four times a week or so, 16+ times a month
Rarely, 1-3 times a month

If Marlette had a wider variety of restaurants, would you dine out more often? Choose one answer.

Maybe, depending on the restaurants

Which of the following sit down restaurant options would you like to see in Marlette? Choose all that apply. 

Authentic Mexican restaurant
Steakhouse, casual fine dining
Vegetarian/Fresh food restaurant
Bakery with breakfast and lunch service.
Cupcakery or similar, with space for birthday parties and gatherings
Home cooking or buffet
Food truck fare
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How much do you typically spend on a sit down meal for two adults? Choose just one answer.  

$15 or less
$51 or more

Which of these chain restaurants do you prefer? Choose all that apply. NOTE: Marlette may not be large enough to attract some of these chains, but if there is enough interest, a smaller local restaurant may add similar menu items. 

Taco Bell
Big Boy
Burger King
Lucky's Steakhouse
Cracker Barrel
Olive Garden
Tim Hortons
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You are done with the restaurant section, and more than halfway through the survey. Coming up are entertainment and shopping options! 

In earlier surveys, Marlette residents said they want more things to do, and more shopping options! Please let us know which of the following options you are VERY LIKELY to attend on a regular basis. When we know what it is the majority of you want, we can go looking for businesses to fill the demand!

Which of these venues would you or your family go to regularly if it were in Marlette? Choose all that apply. 

Restaurant or bar with live indoor entertainment--Bands, comedians, etc.
Paintball venue--either indoor or outdoor
Indoor gun range
Outdoor lawn chair concerts in the park
Outdoor family movies at the park
Arcade/gaming center
Indoor dance hall, including dancing for senior citizens, teen dances, line dancing, and dance lessons
g/sewing center with classes
Wine tasting events at restaurants
Artistic performances at a cafe, like poetry readings, open mike night
Wedding chapel or indoor rental space for smaller events like showers, birthday parties, etc.
Community/Rec Center with rental space available
Indoor Trampolines/Bounce house

Shopping section: Which of these traditional retail stores would you shop in at least 4 times a year? Choose all that apply. 

Woman's clothing store
Teen clothing store
Men's clothing store
Shoe store
Sporting Goods Store
Greenhouse/garden center
Craft Supply Store
Gift and Card shop
Dollar Store (nothing over $1)
Furniture and decorating center
Office supply store
Graphic Design/Print shop
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FINAL QUESTION! Which of these other types of businesses would you like to see in Marlette? If you have suggestions that haven't been asked yet, please enter them here. 

Cellphone/technology store
Appliance Store/Appliance repair
Co-Working Space (shared high tech office space with super fast internet for home based businesses and business travelers, daily/weekly/monthly contracts available)
Bed and Breakfast or other lodging options
Party store
Taxi Service
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