CVTransit Survey - Individual
If you use the transit service, or if you would use it if the service met your needs in the Columbia Valley, you will help us improve transit service in our community by taking this brief survey.

The Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce has received funding to conduct a feasibility study to determine the needs, costs and funding options to create an independent Transit Service within the Columbia Valley. The CVCC believes that the current BC Transit / RDEK service does not meet the needs of those who wish to use public transportation to access employment, healthcare, education, shopping and leisure activities within the Columbia Valley. The CVCC also understands that the current system is restricted by BC Transit regulations and limited funding.

This survey is only part of the study and it is designed to help determine the needs of the public. We thank you in advance for your participation.
Please tell a little bit about who you are. This may seem a little personal but your answers may help with advocating for a potential solution.
How old are you?
75 years or older
65-74 years old
55-64 years old
45-54 years old
35-44 years old
25-34 years old
18-24 years old
12-17 years old
Prefer not to say
What is your employment status? Please choose the one that best describes your current status.
Out of work and looking for work
Prefer not to say
Where do you live? Please choose the option that best indicates where you live.

Spillimacheen / Brisco / Edgewater
Radium Hot Springs / Dry Gulch / Juniper Heights
Wilmer / Toby Benches / Panorama
Fairmont Hot Springs
Canal Flats
This section will inform us about how the CV Transit service would best serve your needs.
Do you currently ride the bus?