Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership Survey
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Thank you for your interest in hosting a speaker from the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) at your event. CHNEP is a partnership of citizens, elected officials, resource managers, and commercial and recreational resource users who are working to improve the water quality and ecological integrity in ten counties and six estuaries in Southwest Florida. We are always eager to collaborate with organizations in our Program Area!

Please complete this brief form so we can learn a little about your group and the event you would like us to participate in. Although we may not be able to fulfill every request, we will be in touch in the near future. Thank you!
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Please enter the information for the contact person for this request and the location where the event will be held.

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How do your group's actions support the CHNEP's mission of Uniting Central and Southwest Florida to Preserve Water and Wildlife? More information about the CHNEP is available here:
Water Quality Improvement
Hydrological Restoration
Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat Protection
Public Engagment
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Do you have a specific topic in mind for the presentation?
CHNEP Program
Water Resource Management
Restoration Initiatives
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Is this event open to the general public? How will you be publicizing it? 


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Please suggest 2-3 dates and times for a CHNEP speaker to present to your group.


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We typically give presentations using PowerPoint as a visual aid, bringing our presentation on a flash drive and using a provided laptop and projector. Please confirm you can provide a Laptop and a Projector.
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Is there any charge associated with attending your event?
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Approximately, how many people do you expect to attend this event?

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We appreciate your interest in CHNEP and support of water quality initiatives! Do you have any additional questions or comments?

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