Maryland 2019 Summer Reading Program Survey
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What do you think about our Summer Reading Club? Please be honest! Your answers will help us improve our Summer Reading program. Thank you!
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In which Summer Reading Club did you participate? (please select all that apply) 

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How many members of your family participated in each age group?

Ages 0-5
Ages 6-11
Ages 12-18
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Have you participated in the Summer Reading Program at any branch of the Ruth Enlow Library before?
I am new to Summer Reading Club!
Required 4.
Because of the Summer Reading Program...(please mark one for each item)
 Strongly Agree Agree Maybe Disagree Strongly Disagree 
I/We are more confident readers.
I/We read more often.
I/We use the library more often.
I/We spend more time sharing ideas or the books we read with family and friends.
Required 5.

What did you like best or what would improve about Summer Reading Club?


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Required 6.

Do you think you or your family will participate in Summer Reading Club again next summer?

I don't know
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Please tell us why you selected that answer (from question 6): 


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What else would you like to tell us about your or your family's experience?


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