FAWL 2019-2020 State Committee Preference Survey
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Would you like to serve as a member of a FAWL state committee for the 2019-2020 membership year? We have a wide variety of opportunities available, and your fellow members will greatly appreciate your help! If yes, please fill out the following information:

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Please review the committee description below, then scroll to the bottom of the page to make your selections. For more information about the committee, please contact the committee directors and chairs via the email link in the description.
Please select only one committee.
Please respond no later than Friday, August 2.
Awards: Tiffany Pereira, Chair
  • Revise and review FAWL Awards applications
  • Solicit applicants and ensure chapters participate at high levels
  • Select award winners
  • Plan awards portion of FAWL Gala
  • Publicize award winners
Development (Sponsorships): Jenny Sieg, Director
  • Enhance FAWL's ability to accomplish its mission by recruiting sponsors
  • Help FAWL continue a decade long streak of not raising dues
D&I Special Project Video: Casey Reiter, Chair
  • Work on special project focusing on the history of suffrage through civil rights when all Americans had the right to vote
FAWL History: Wendy Loquasto, Historian
  • Assist historian in summarizing yearly accomplishments of FAWL
  • Prepare for honoring our Past Presidents at FAWL's 2020 Summit

FAWL in Love with GAL: Thomasina Moore, Chair
  • Draft materials to send to FAWL members
  • Assign mentors to foster youth
  • Track progress of program and publicize results 
FAWL Journal (Magazine): Mariane Dorris, Director
  • Brainstorm themes and content for FAWL Journal
  • Research and produce timely articles
  • Solicit articles
  • Assist in editing content when needed
  • Obtain sponsor ads
Judicial Nominating Commission Oversight: Susan Warner, Chair
  • Educate chapters about JNC oversight and endorsement opinion letter
  • Inform chapters when there is JNC activity in their area
  • Follow up with chapters to identify whether any questions of concern are asked
  • Solicit members to apply for judicial positions where there is not yet parity 
Lactation Rooms Task Force: Joann Grages Burnett, Chair
  • Assist chapters in opening lactation rooms
  • Draft articles on the same
  • Track progress throughout Florida 
Legislative: Regina Kardash, Director
  • Identify key pieces of legislation with a high impact for FAWL members
  • Plan CLE programming for Lobby Days
  • Plan lobbying efforts during Lobby Days
  • Find sponsors for Lobby Days
Membership Advancement & Promotion (MAP): Jennifer Shoaf Richardson, Chair
  • Educate chapters about MAP
  • Streamline/standardize letters of informed support
  • Identify JNCs and courts where women are underrepresented to accomplish focused recruitment applicants
  • Identify a leader to do the quick turnaround on Bar appointments in January (this involves comparing two Excel spreadsheets and then coordinating communication with chapters) 
  • Communicate with Bar President-Elect to identify what information she is most interested in for use in making appointments
  • Identify substantive Bar Committees where women are underrepresented to draw attention to those issues
Membership: Iris Elijah, Director
  • Targeted segment outreach - government lawyers, in-house lawyers, big firm, small firm, non-traditional, academic
  • Geographic outreach - membership calls with chapters quarterly to share membership recruitment and retention ideas
Pro Bono: Kimberly Sanchez, Chair
  • Inspire and encourage commitment to pro bono as suggested in FL BAR rule 4-6.1 by developing and maintaining a database of pro bono opportunities for members, inform membership of pro bono opportunities, act as liaison to members for information about and support of pro bono opportunities with local chapters
  • Plan pro bono event/CLE/opportunities in conjunction with other bar associations/legal aid programs/Florida Bar for pro bono month, as delegated by the ABA, in October of each year
  • Develop legislative positions for membership to review that impact pro bono work, if necessary

Public Relations: Tiffany Love McElheran, Director
  • Curate social media content on Twitter and Facebook
  • Monthly newsletter with member news and updates on FAWL projects
  • Draft press releases to ensure FAWL's work reaches every corner of the state 
Summit: Kristina Feher, Chair
  • Solicit sponsors
  • Apply for CLE credit for programs
  • Select topics and speakers for CLEs
  • Plan all aspects of formal dinner program
  • Publicize event before and after 
Webinars: Casey Reiter & Jessica Thomas, Co-Chairs
  • Coordinate, compile materials and implement webinars on various topics of interest to FAWL members.
Women's Health Awareness: Julie Harris Nelson, Chair
Young Lawyers Section: Sarah Young Hodges, Director
  • Plan Young Lawyers focused FAWL webinars and substantive programming
  • Apply for grants for young lawyer programs
  • Coordinate outreach to student chapters and involving students in FAWL in-person meetings
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Which of the following volunteer committees would you like to participate in? Please select only one committee, then click the "FINISH" button below.
Development (Sponsorships)
D&I Special Project Video
FAWL History
FAWL in Love with GAL
FAWL Journal (Magazine)
Judicial Nominating Commission Oversight
Lactation Rooms
Member Advancement & Promotion (MAP)
Pro Bono
Public Relations
Women's Health Awareness
Young Lawyers Section