Tangipahoa Parish Stormwater & Flood Risk Reduction Survey
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Demographic Information
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Which age group do you belong in? (Optional)
18 years old and under
19 - 25 years old
26 - 35 years old
36 - 45 years old
46 - 59 years old
60 and older
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What town do you live in?


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Has your Tangipahoa Parish home ever flooded?

Please provide us with your opinion on ways you think future planning can assist in Flood Protection by answering the following questions.
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Which of the following do you feel are most important for Tangipahoa Parish to address in regards to Storm-water & Flood Risk Reduction Survey? (Pick your Top THREE choices)

Eliminate or reduce repetitive flooding damages.
Maintain and improve natural and man-made drainage canals, including river dredging
Reduce how often roads are closed due to flooding.
Create storage ponds/lakes in a centralized area of the parish that would retain/detain flood waters to slow down water level rise during major rain events.
Require preventative actions for homes or businesses in flood prone areas to reduce future damage (e.g., raise homes, swales, retention ponds in commercial developments, etc.).
Require all new developments (subdivisions and commercial) meet drainage standards for construction that will not increase storm water impacts on any neighbors.
Support wetland areas (greenways, forests, swampland, etc.) as natural drainage systems.
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What changes to Tangipahoa Parish Land Development regulations do you feel could help  reduce flood impacts in our parish? (Pick the top two categories below)

More open or green space to act as natural storm-water management;
Require land clearing and grading permits for parcel under 20 acres (currently required for parcels 20 acres or greater);
Require fencing permits to avoid obstructing flood waters;
Require new buildings constructed in flood prone areas to be built to allow water to flow through/under the structure.
Require the foundations of homes and businesses to at least one (1) foot above the highest point of the road/street it's located off of.
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Required 7.

What type of educational information do you feel residents would benefit from concerning storm-water and flooding issues? (Choose all that you feel are needed.)

How having flood insurance protects your investments;
What are my flood risks regarding my property's location;
What's my responsibilities regarding flood protection for my home and property;
How can I prepare my home and property BEFORE a flooding event happens to help reduce damages;
How do I learn the need or requirement for flood insurance for my home.
No educational information is needed to be shared with residents.
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Required 8.

Please let us know if you are already doing thing certain things to help manage Storm-water runoff on your property? (Choose all that may apply)

I have a rain barrel to capture rain to water my garden/plants.
I have a crushed stone or gravel driveway instead of concrete or paved driveway.
I do not have anything in place at this time to help manage storm-water on my property.
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Required 9.

When there is heavy rain, are you (or a friend/neighbor/family member) unable to get to work due to flooded roads in your neighborhood? 

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If you said "Yes" to the Question above, please tell us which LOCAL (Parish) roads you feel have flooded consistently with heavy rains over the years (near what town)?


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If you said "Yes" to the Question above, please tell us which MAJOR (State) roads have flooded consistently with heavy rains over the years (near what town)?


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Which do you feel is the best way to share flood protection information with Tangipahoa residents? (Check up to 2)

On Parish's Website
On Parish's Facebook Page
In electronic Newsletter
Having info shared by other organizations/groups (HOA's, School PTA's, Civic groups, etc.)
Postal mail-outs

Any other suggestions or comments you'd like to provide?


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If you would like to receive updates on the Parish's Stormwater and Flood Protection Plan, please provide you information below.

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