Comment Period: Canada and the NAI Map
The official map of NAI's geographical regions has included Canadian provinces and territories for many years -- the only country outside the United States represented on the map, although we have members in 30 countries including Mexico. Interpretation Canada has raised legitimate concerns about specific geographic areas of Canada included on a map of the US. The map is a strong visual image that not only fails to recognize the international border, but unfortunately also stirs up negative feelings about colonialism and American expansionism that are counterproductive as we work to build a collaborative relationship with our sister organization.

As a result, NAI is considering a proposal to revert the regional map to national boundaries. This change would have no effect on the member benefits or experiences of NAI's Canadian members, nor on the operation of the regions along the border with Canada. Canadian members would continue to receive full NAI benefits as before and as other international members do, and regions bordering Canada would still serve members who live and work in Canada. Canadian members are welcome in leadership positions within the region they identify with, and regions can still hold workshops in Canada from time to time as well as in the US in order to serve all of their members.

This comment period closes September 15.
Please indicate the region where you live and/or work:
Northeast (1)
Chesapeake (2)
Sunny Southeast (3)
Great Lakes (4)
Heartland (5)
South Central (6)
Four Corners (7)
Wild West (8)
Sierra Pacific (9)
Northwest (10)
International (No Region)

I support moving forward with an updating of the official NAI regional map to show national boundaries.


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