Georgia Tech-Lorraine Survey
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What will working on your degree in Atlanta do for you that you would not be able to accomplish elsewhere? 


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Describe your most meaningful achievements (academic or otherwise) and how they relate to your field of study and your future goals.   


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Describe the most important trends or issues related to your field of study.  


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Choose a person you admire and explain why.  


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What challenges do you expect to be faced with during your third semester on the Atlanta campus?  


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Why should you be selected as a recipient of the GTL Global Fellowship? 


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To complete this application, please ask one faculty member at GTL to email a brief letter of recommendation to the contact listed below. Please make sure that the letter of recommendation is emailed directly from the person who is giving the referral, to the contact listed below:

Ms. Allie Crain,  


Please indicate in the field below who the letter of recommendation will be coming from.   


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In accepting the GTL Global Fellowship, you agree to participate as an Ambassador for Georgia Tech-Lorraine. This would entail being available to be interviewed about how the fellowship made a difference to you and possibly speaking at events. You might also be asked to give a written or video testimonial about your experience at Georgia Tech-Lorraine.  

I agree to act as an Ambassador for Georgia Tech-Lorraine.
I do not agree to act as an Ambassador for Georgia Tech-Lorraine.