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We are making some changes this summer. You are the ones that keep making this possible, supporting us and working so hard and we want to make sure we get our fall schedule JUST right - for you!

We know it's summer, but please help us out and take five minutes and give us your feedback!

Complete the survey and you will be entered to win a 5 x punchcard, OR if you're already an unlimited member, you can give the pass to a friend, or choose BDHQ swag instead!

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SCHEDULE - Are there any class time(s) we currently do not offer, that you would like to see added?

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SCHEDULE - Maybe you like the times, but not the class / workout.  What would you like to see instead and at what time?  


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CLASSES - Are there workouts we don't currently offer that you wish we did? 

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TRAINERS - Do you know an awesome fitness instructors who doesn't teach at BDHQ, but you think should? If so, what are their names or IG handles?


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TRAINERS - Do you have any feedback on current BDHQ instructor(s)?

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Rate our classes. We want to know what you love (and don't).

 Do NOT like this class Not my fave Neutral: I'd do it if the time worked that day It's a good workout LOVE this class Haven't tried it 
The Drill
Cardio Burnout
Butt & Abs
The Hustle
Kettlebells and Functional Movement
Strength Express
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Any final thoughts / feedback for us related to the studio or schedule?

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Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  We appreciate you!