National Deer Alliance Member Survey
Do you keep all of your trail camera photos, or set up some type of organization system to help you keep track of them?
I save them all.
I have a system to keep them organized.
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If you use an organization system for your trail camera photos, do you use a commercial program, such as DeerLab, or do you have your own system?
I use a commercial program.
I use my own system.
I'm lucky if I can download my photos, let alone organize them!
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Do you save photos of both bucks and antlerless deer, or just bucks?
Bucks only
Bucks and antlerless deer
Mostly bucks, but I save a few nicer photos of other deer.
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Tell us about how you manage your trail camera photo collection, and we may share your ideas with other NDA members in a future article in NDA On Watch.

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