2019 Celebration Awards | Empowering Women (Individual)
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The MNCREW Celebration Awards honor the people and projects who contribute to commercial real estate success in Minnesota. The Celebration Awards align with MNCREW's mission "To ignite the commercial real estate industry through the collective achievements and unique strengths of women" and values of Excellence, Community, Leadership Advancement and Impact.

Thank you to our event sponsors C.M. Architecture (CMA), Commercial Partners Title, KOMA and media sponsor Finance & Commerce!

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: Friday, October 11, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.
Event: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. at Midpointe Event Center
Individual nomination requirements include:
*    Nominee must be a current MNCREW member.
*    Nomination must be for an individual.
*    All nominee participation must have been without pay or compensation.
*    At least some achievements or measurable outcomes must have been completed between September 2018 and August 2019.

Individual Award Categories:
*    Community Impact (Volunteer/Philanthropy)
*    Empowering Women
*    Excellence in Leadership
Empowering Women (Individual Nomination)


The Empowering Women Award honors a MNCREW member who consistently exemplifies CREW Network's commitment to elevating the status of women in commercial real estate by working to advance the careers of other women and MNCREW's mission "To ignite the commercial real estate industry through the collective achievements and unique strengths of women."

By example, a MNCREW member who has empowered others might do this through:
*    formal or informal mentoring
*    effecting policy changes within government or individual companies
*    research, white papers or speaking engagements that elevates the status of women in our industry
*    meaningful participation in industry organizations, committees, educational or other institutions that do work to advance women in our industry
*    connecting or making introductions that help women advance
*    hiring a woman or helping a woman connect with a career opportunity
*    positive affirmation of women through references, positive social media support, or other
*    other activities that result in the empowerment of women

This award supports the MNCREW values of Leadership, Excellence and Advancement.

Judging Attributes
The judging panel will use the following attributes to rank, review and discuss the Empowering Women nominations:
*    Number of women impacted by the nominee
*    Nominee's diverse efforts to empower women (rated using mentorship, policy changes, hiring, connections, etc. from bullet point list above)
*    Nominee's impact based on measurable outcomes
*    Testimonials that show the empowerment achieved
*    Significance of the impact, including an enduring impact on the industry and the individual's impacted
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Describe how the nominee has empowered women, including names of women if possible.


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Describe measurable outcomes achieved or anticipated that were the result of this nominee's efforts.


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Provide any testimonials available from those impacted by the efforts of the nominee and/or those close to the nominee and her work.


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Please provide 1 photo of the nominee for use during the event.  


Email photos to info@mncrew.org and reference the awards category and company name. PNG or JPG files accepted; 10 MB limit per email.


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