DUE by NOON on Wednesday, September 18th!
Nominate a REALTORĀ® deserving recognition in our Association and community and provide your reasoning. There are individual strengths in all of us; help NCWAR share them with all of our members. Examples might be going above and beyond, being an everyday hero, a great example and/or mentor, or a largely contributing member of the Association.

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Nominate an Affiliate:  Affiliates are the great supporters of our industry. You use their services and ask for help with many projects. This is your chance to let them know you think they're fabulous!  Examples might be their short turnaround on projects, flexibility when you need it, going above and beyond to make your transaction work or because you always feel better knowing they're on the job.


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Nominate Support Staff:  Incredible support staff are the key to successful business.  Office managers, administrative assistants, receptionists and un-licensed support members.  Support staff strive to improve your business for you, take a moment to tell them how they've done so!  Examples might be prompt service, well-organized with your tasks and projects, experts in customer service, incredibly knowledgeable, improve Realtor and Office morale or even how they've helped improve your business so far this year.


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