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Please select the FOUR programs that you would like to watch. The FOUR programs that get the most votes will be aired during the Viewers' Choice timeslot, 6 pm Eastern on Saturdays from November 2nd through November 23rd.
AMERICAN GOSPEL- Explores the core question of Christianity, 'What is the gospel?' through the distorting lens of American culture. American Gospel examines how the prosperity gospel has distorted the gospel message.
CAFÉ DIEGO: THE COST OF A DREAM- Follows the life of a Nicaraguan coffee farmer named Diego Chavarria. It is a story about being faithful with what we have and believing God has a dream that is bigger than our own.
JOHN LENNOX- WHY I'M A CHRISTIAN- Professor John Lennox of Oxford University, who has debated atheists such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens, explains why he is a Christian.
REAP WHAT YOU SEW- Award winning documentary that tells the story of a tailoring school in Malawi Africa that is empowering destitute, widowed, and abandoned women. See the work being done to help women rise from poverty and provide for their children.
A MOON'S VIEW- Astronaut Charlie Duke is one of only 12 people to walk on the moon. In time, Charlie realized that walking on the moon was exciting, but not anywhere near as exciting as his walk with Jesus Christ.
EXCEPTIONAL- What produced the blessings we take for granted? The answer is found in five principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence. Discover these principles and learn what every citizen can do to restore America's greatness.
COMMON CORE- A national educational initiative that fundamentally changes what students will learn. David Barton provides an assessment of this flawed national movement as well as what can actually make American education strong again.
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