2020 Aramco Annuitants Colorado Springs Hafla Volunteer Survey
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The 2020 Hafla Reunion needs about 25 volunteers to make a very effective and enjoyable reunion. We would love to have you join us in creating a great reunion.
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Do you wish to volunteer for activities prior to the reunion,
starting as early as Sept. 2019?
I am interested in helping but won't be available until a later date.
What pre-reunion activities are you interested in?
Coordinator - assuring that all aspects of the pre-reunion program are being done effectively, integrating with the Activity Coordinator
Website Management - including monitoring event management software from Cvite
Finance Activities - accounts receivable (mostly automatic), Accounts Payable
Publicity - Aramco Expats will do most of this, but you would work with them on ways to increase attendance
Sponsorships - we have someone in Colorado Springs, but you could help in branching out
Graphics and Printing - flyers, programs, and the attendance booklet
Social Media - help with Facebook, work with Linked In, Twitter, Instagram etc.
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Required 4.
Do you wish to volunteer for activities immediately preceeding
and during the reunion (starting around Sept. 24, 2020)?
What at-reunion activities are you interested in?
Activity Coordinator - coordinating all activities and personnel during the reunion
Hotel Liaison - this critical position will be the contact for all annuitants for hotel issues
Registration Team Leader
Registration Team - need about 8 people for Sept. 26, 27 & 28 in 2 hour shifts
Gift Bag Team Leader - coordinates with sponsorship team ahead of reunion
Gift Bag Team - need about 8 people to assemble bags on Sept. 25 & 26
Photography - hiring photographer and coordinating their schedule and activities and liaison with participants
Tours - we have a tour manager & he will need 3 or 4 volunteers to get people to the right place for their arranged tours
Craft Room manager - determining what crafts to do and getting supplies and then assuring that a responsible person is present at all times
Banquet Seating - we need 3 or 4 people familiar with most of the annuitants to help arrange seating at the first two dinners when groups want to sit together
Vendor Tables - we will have 10 free vendor tables, and more paid if necessary
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