Creative Enterprise Support Programme - Accra
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This programme will support Film entrepreneurs.
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Date of Birth
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Do you have any health or physical challenge? (Note that this question does not affect your application)

If you answered yes to question 8 above, please specify the adjustments you require to facilitate your participation in the programme, if selected?


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Have you received any film related training?

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If you have answered 'Yes' to the question above, please provide information about the type of film related training you have received.
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What modules(topics) did the training cover, please explain.
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Business Information
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What's your business name?

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Please select the area of film closest to your core business idea.
Script Writing
Film-Tech e.g. if you developed an app/website which supports an aspect of film
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What is your employment status

Self Employed
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If an employee, where are you employed and what is your role? (If unemployed, self employed or a student, fill NIL)  


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Do you currently have a registered business? If yes, when was it registered? (dd/mm/year)
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Please describe your business (150 words maximum). Think about who your customers are, what is unique about your business and how your product/service is delivered.

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What's your business website and/or social media links?

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What stage is your business in?
Not yet trading - developing an idea for a business
Not yet trading - have a detailed business plan
Not yet trading - registered as a business
Started trading in last 6 months
Started trading 6-12 months ago
Started trading more than 1 year ago
Started trading more than 2 years ago
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How long have you been working on your business?

Less than one month
1 month to 6 months
6 months to 1 year
1 year to 2 years
More than 2 years
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Is running this business your main job?
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What's your biggest business challenge?


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Where do you see your business in the next five years?

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Is this your first enterprise?

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If you selected no to question 17, please tell us about your previous enterprise(s)


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Why do you want to participate in the Creative Enterprise Support Programme?


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If your application is successful, what can you contribute to the programme?


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Are you available to commit full time to the programme as below:
  • 2-week programme from  4 - 15 November 2019 (within the hours of 08.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.) each day?)
  • 6 - month incubation programme from 18 November 2019 - 30 May 2020 (inclusive of 3 months face-to-face mentoring (3 days a week), 3 months of coaching(1 day a week) and 1 month internships)
Not sure