Business On Purpose conference survey
How did you learn about the Business On Purpose conference?
Email from Ronald Blue Trust
Mailed invitation from Ronald Blue Trust
Email from another organization or individual
Online (conference website, social media, etc)
Personal invitation
Which speaker(s) would you most like to hear from again? Select up to two.
Michael Crawford
Peter Greer
Russ Crosson
Michael Boyes
Ellen Lucciola/David Hogan
Gene Pargas
Clint Park
Chris Allen
Which keynote session did you find most beneficial?
The Role of Business In Redemptive History (Crawford)
Rooting For Rivals (Greer)
Is Your Business Adrift? (Crosson)
Is there a particular speaker or topic you'd like to see featured at a future Business On Purpose conference?


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Why did you attend our event? Select all that apply.
To learn more about running my business using biblical principles.
To meet and connect with other like-minded Christian business owners and executives.
To hear from a specific speaker.
How likely are you to attend another Business On Purpose conference in the future?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
I'm not sure.

What about the conference do you think could be improved? (Select all that apply)

Pre-conference communications
Registration process
Time of day was not convenient
Speaker lineup
Breakout sessions
Event was too long
Event was too short
Meeting room/set-up
It would work better during a different time of the year (tell us when in the comment box)
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Please share any other comments or suggestions for future events. Indicate here if you would like someone to personally follow up with you about your feedback. If so, please include your name and contact info.

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