Weekly Digest - How are we doing?
Each week we curate the Weekly Digest to keep our community informed about upcoming events, construction projects, and other items of interest happening in Golden.

We want to know how we're doing. Is there information you wish we would or would not include? How can we improve the electronic newsletter and make it more impactful and useful to you? We'll gather your responses over the next four weeks to make sure everyone interested has an opportunity to respond. We really appreciate you taking the time to help us make this a more effective communication tool.

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Please rate how important each kind of information provided in the weekly newsletter is to you personally. If something important to you is missing from the newsletter, or just isn't listed below, please tell us in the comment field.

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Upcoming events
Upcoming and current street closures
Infrastructure projects happening around town (sidewalk maintenance, utilities updates, etc.)
Current stories or news updates
Upcoming Board and Council meetings
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How can we improve the Weekly Digest? All ideas are welcome! 


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