Consent form to join Home Truths 2019
Please read the information below to see how we'll use the information you share with us and the third parties we work with.
Your data and information
We will use the contact details you provide to do surveys and online activities about energy products and services. When you complete an activity, we will use the information you share for research purposes only. At times, Energy Systems Catapult produces reports and publications to share publicly which are based on our research. We will always anonymise any data or information you share and make no reference to any people involved in the research.
Organisations we work with
Energy Systems Catapult is currently working with the organisations listed below. We work with them to gain better insights into how we can improve energy products and services in the future.
1. Crowdicity to host our online forum where you can interact with the Home Truths community;
2. 100% Open to manage and moderate the forum;
3. Qualtrics and Constant Contact to send you surveys;
4. Indeemo to hear your reactions by comment, photo and video;
5. Accent to award your prizes and thank you vouchers.

We will only share your name and contact details with a third party if we select them to do further research for us. We will not share or sell your name and contact details to any other third parties. 
Consent to join Home Truths
I consent to joining Home Truths and to the use of my data for the purposes outlined above. 

By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

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