Tell Us What "Revitalize Dundalk" Means to YOU!
Dundalk Renaissance is updating our strategic plan and we want your feedback about our organization and our community.  Please share your thoughts and experiences with us on DRC's current and future work, and how you think we can make the most impact over the next 3-5 years to revitalize greater Dundalk.  We thank you for your time and for caring about our community! 

To be eligible for gift card drawings to local restaurants and shops, you must complete the survey online or turn it in no later than Friday, November 8, 2019. 

All survey responses
must be received by Tuesday, December 3, 2019.
How do you get news about the DRC's activities? Please select all that apply.
Friend, colleague, or neighbor
DRC Email newsletter
Paper mailing
DRC event flier or poster
Newspaper article or column
Newspaper calendar listing
Newspaper ad
DRC's website
Internet search (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.)
Social media site (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
I do not get information about DRC's activities.
Please tell us how you have interacted with DRC in the past and rate your level of satisfaction with these interactions.  Please rate all that apply.
 very dissatisfied somewhat dissatisfied neutral somewhat satisfied very satisfied not applicable to me 
I have participated in a DRC project or event (clean-up, planting, festival, workshop, home tour, etc.)
I have volunteered on a DRC project or event
My organization has partnered with the DRC
I have applied for a homeowner renovation grant or loan from DRC
I have applied for a facade improvement grant for my business from DRC
I have applied for a home purchase incentive grant from DRC
I have purchased a home renovated by DRC or one of DRC's developer partners
I (or my neighborhood) have received a free tree, other greening resources, or a trash can from DRC
I am a current or previous donor or sponsor of DRC
I have called, written, emailed, or stopped in their office to express a concern

Of Dundalk Renaissance's current and emerging program areas, please tell us how much we should pursue each of them over the next 3-5 years. 

 discontinue reduce neutral/not sure continue expand 
Main Street activities (facade grants, merchant meetings, marketing the Main Street, code enforcement, beautification and clean-ups, festivals and other events)
Community organizing (working with neighborhood associations to launch joint initiatives about anti-littering or crime watch, other events or initiatives to help boost resident participation and pride)
Greening activities (tree plantings, greening your yard, and community clean-ups)
House renovations (buying, renovating, and selling homes for homeownership using high-quality materials and including visible exterior improvements)
Homeowner grants and loans (incentive grants and low-interest loans for homeowners and new homebuyers to support desired renovations and increase home energy efficiency)
Marketing Dundalk (promotional profiles of Dundalk's neighborhoods on our website, hosting home tours and promoting buyer incentives, positive press coverage of Dundalk, events to attract visitors)
Housing and Financial Counseling to assist with credit repair and encourage home ownership
Workforce development to help connect area residents with job training and employment opportunities that boost their incomes and enhance family stability
Assisting Older Adults to continue aging in place, connecting them with resources, and organizing volunteer supports for those who need them
Leadership on planning and development issues (convening people to help design streetscaping projects, advocating for new housing developments, supporting consideration of new retail)
What do you see as some of Dundalk's greatest strengths?
 not a strength neutral/don't know somewhat a strength great strength  
Housing Choices  
Quality of teaching in our schools  
Organized and engaged groups of volunteers  
Safety on my block  
Pride in Dundalk  
Proximity to the City  
Job growth  
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What do you see as some of the greatest challenges facing Dundalk?
 not a challenge neutral somewhat challenging big challenge  
Property maintenance by current residents or businesses  
Vacant and abandoned housing or commercial properties  
Safety on my block  
Limited job opportunities  
Drug addiction  
Older residents in need of more support (home repair, social, or health)  
Lack of recreational and after-school enrichment activities  
Lack of high-quality retail choices  
Lack of high-quality housing choices  
Perception of Dundalk among potential homebuyers  
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Now, please rank Dundalk's challenges, with 1 being the least important challenge, and 10 being the most important challenge to resolve.

(1 = Least)
Property maintenance by residents or businesses
Vacant and abandoned housing or commercial properties
Safety on my block
Limited job opportunities
Drug addiction
Older residents in need of more support (home repair, social, or health)
Lack of recreational and after school enrichment activities
Lack of high quality retail choices
Lack high-quality housing choices
Perception of Dundalk amongst potential home buyers
In your opinion, should DRC pursue any of the following new activities?
 strongly oppose oppose neutral support strongly support 
Address crime and safety issues by working with neighborhood associations to organize citizens on patrol activities, seeking funding for better lighting in neighborhoods, etc.
Start a non-profit grocery store and coffee shop in the Historic Dundalk Town Center to help enhance retail choices for residents while providing job training opportunities
Support and enhance retail choices by developing market research data to encourage and support new businesses in greater Dundalk
Help make our public schools more desirable for current residents and potential homebuyers by organizing to increase parent involvement, offering more enrichment opportunities for students, and helping increase student achievement
Work with recreation councils, neighborhood leaders, and others to enhance and promote our local parks and recreational opportunities
Address neighborhood stability by purchasing rental properties and starting a lease-to-purchase program to create more homeowners
Address the homeless issue by working with neighborhoods to identify an acceptable location in greater Dundalk for a transitional housing program for the homeless and helping to develop this housing
Promote job creation by working with educational institutions and employers to identify and meet workforce needs
What suggestions do you have for future events?

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Are there any other comments you would like to share with us?  Please feel free to contact us with additional comments at DRC, P.O. Box 9276 Dundalk, MD 21222

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Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on what DRC does and how we do it in seeking to revitalize Greater Dundalk.  Your ideas are extremely valuable as we begin planning for the next 3-5 years of the organization.

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