The Gateway Globe Awards are presented annually in each of the following broad categories, with multiple awardees in specific subcategories, as determined annually by the nominations received and the discretion of the judging panel:

Global Commitment Awards - award recipients in this category have demonstrated their outstanding commitment to promoting global networks and connecting St. Louis to the world. 

Culture Awards - honoring individuals and organizations, this category will showcase those whose efforts are building alliances and bridges to connect St. Louis to the world. Both nonprofit and for-profit entities will also be considered for the Gateway Globe Awards within this category.

Policy Awards - at the core of today's global economy are the policies and agreements which facilitate fairness and equity, as well as make the St. Louis region a welcoming and inviting environment for those around the world. 

Business Awards - building on the strong history of commerce in the St. Louis region, this category will recognize trailblazers who are allowing St. Louis to compete in today's global economy through their vision and commitment. 

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