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We are fortunate to live and work in a creative, vibrant community with a rich history.  But the lifeblood of a successful community is its people - especially those people who are willing to raise their hands to keep the success fresh.  The year 2020 brings a host of great opportunities to Fondren.  We need your help to grab all the possibilities and make them reality.  We have volunteer jobs to fit every situation - from one-time event helpers to committee chairs for major projects.  Let us know how you want to support Fondren by completing the questionnaire below!  Give Fondren a hug by being part of its 2020 work plan.
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I'm all in - let me know what you need
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Check all of your areas of interest.  We will contact you to tailor your interests with specific jobs descriptions so you'll know what's expected before you have to commit.  This just lets us know where you prefer your hugs to go!
Anything arts related
Community beautification
Old Canton Road Improvement / Beautification
Activating Fondren Park
Events and Celebrations
Zoning and code enforcement
Cedars docents
Graphics and marketing
Social media
Fondren After Five or a similar event
Economic Development
Welcome Wagon type service
Street Captain
Symphony at Sunset
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Feel free to pass this questionnaire along to others who live and/or work in Fondren!