Innovation Grant Application
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VASCD's Teacher Innovation Grant
One or more Innovation Grants at a maximum of $2,500 may be awarded in each year.
Each project should be designed to investigate an action research question related to instructional practice and grounded in one or more of the components of the VASCD Profile of a Virginia Classroom (see  

As a condition of  accepting grant funds, applicants will be expected to share their learning from their grant project with VASCD. Possibilities for sharing include writing an article for the VASCD Journal, presenting to the VASCD Board, presenting at the 2020 VASCD Annual Conference, or another method of sharing approved by the VASCD Executive Director.  
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Describe the learning environment of your school/classroom.




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What is your action research question?  


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What experience or research led you to choose this question? (If applicable, relate to the VASCD Annual Conference.)


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What component(s) of the Profile of the Classroom will this question address?


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How will this research help you provide deeper learning for your students? 


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What change in your practice will you implement to pursue this question? What impact do you expect to see in your students?


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What  steps will you take to pursue the answers to your research question?


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What evidence will you collect and share to document the results?


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How can your research potentially improve the practice of others in the context of the Profile of a Classroom?


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Please submit a summary budget showing estimated expenditures. 


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As a recognized teacher leader, what method do you plan to use to communicate your findings to the VASCD Board and to peers across the state so that others may benefit from your learning? Options include a presentation to the VASCD Board, a VASCD Journal article, a VASCD Annual Conference presentation, or other methods contingent on approval.


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