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Interested in knowing if we have a PFAFF Sit & sew Event on PFAFF latest technology, how many would be commitmented to coming to? Which day could you come? It will be held here at our Store!

Tueday, December 10
Wednesday, December 11
Friday, December 13
Saturday, December 14th

Either would be a morning/afternoon session, Different project morning, from afternoon project. If you sign up for morning and afternoon session lunch is on us! Great savings! We will have Subway meal. 'we will also have a drawing for door prizes! (Anita Goodesigns)

morning session 9:00 am-12:30 pm
afternoon session 1:30-4:30 p.m.
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There are 6 different options available for the PFAFF 1 day event in the week of December 10-14  2019 sit & sew!

Which one, would you really be interested in coming to try?

Got Gecko?
Semi-circle Accessory Bag
Scissor Holder
'Stitchin' Awesome Bag!
Uniquely Personalized Cards
Folded Accessory Holder
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For the PFAFF Event, it will be a sit & sew, making a project in each class, learning new technology on the latest PFAFF sewing machines. What would you pay to come?

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