North Buckhead Civic Association October 2019 Survey
Dear Neighbor,

 This is a quick survey to get in touch with you.  You do not need to answer all our questions.  Just answer the ones that interest you. 

MOST IMPORTANT: Please be sure to click the FINISH button at the end of the survey.  Otherwise, none of your inputs will get to us.   
 At the end of the survey you will be asked for your name and contact information.  That's optional -- however, if you volunteered to be involved, we'll need to know how to reach you.
Survey Outline  
  - Volunteering - skill & knowledge survey
  - Volunteering - dirty work
  - Volunteering - help a park  
  - Report an Issue: street, sidewalk, bike lane, or park 
  - On our newsletter postal mailing list?
  - Newsletter: paper or online?
  - Newsletter: article ideas?
  - Neighborhood event suggestions
  - Your Suggestions: any topic
  - Your Contact Information (optional)
Volunteering - skill & knowledge survey
Do you have skills or knowledge that might help the neighborhood? From time to time NBCA needs a technical tip or help of one sort or another. We have a variety of topics we get into.
  • Occasionally, a computer need arises and we need guidance in solving a problem quickly. For instance, we often want to collect data from a web site but don't want to sit for hours collecting data screen by screen.
  • We are working on a replacement for our NBCA website. Do you have skills that might help us?
  • We also need help with reviewing land use/zoning and watershed applications referred to us by the city Atlanta's land use and zoning requirements, transportation issues, property tax records, and similar topics.
  • Do you have gardening or landscaping skills?
We would like to have a list of people with specific skills who we can contact. What skills or expertise do you have that might help us?


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Volunteering - Dirty Work (Someone's got to do it!)
Help our neighborhood look better and serve us better.

North Buckhead Signs
Our neighborhood has North Buckhead signs at the top of many neighborhood street signs. They have been in place for many years and some need cleaning. Do you want to be added to our list to contact when we're planning a cleaning project? Willingness to climb a step ladder is important. Why doesn't the city clean those signs?  Because NBCA put up the signs -- they're ours to maintain.  
Walkable Sidewalks  Ever walk on a nice neighborhood sidewalk with branches in the way or limbs on the sidewalk?  We need volunteers to either call 311 for help or fix it themselves.     
North Buckhead Sign Cleaning - yes, I'm interested
Walkable SIdewalks - yes, I'm interested
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Volunteering - help a park   

Want to look into helping one  of our neighborhood's parks, but don't know who to contact? Link me up with a neighborhood park volunteer group. Tell us the park's name or location in the comment area below.

YES - share my contact info with the park(s)I list below.
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Report an Issue: street, sidewalk, bike lane, or park  

Have you noticed streets, intersections, sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, or parks in the neighborhood which need attention? The issue could be problems with signage, broken sidewalks, visibility problems caused by vegetation, parked cars, etc. Describe what the issue is. If you've already called 311 for help, tell us what happened.


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On our newsletter postal mailing list?
Do you receive our 16-page printed newsletter in the mail?  The North Buckhead Newsletter is sent to all North Buckhead homeowners.  But sometimes there are gaps in our mailing list. If your home (or a neighbor's) doesn't receive the North Buckhead Newsletter in their mail three times a year, please provide the mailing address we're missing. Note that we also use the mailing list for notifying residents about some road closures and movie shoots.  Tell us the street address(es) we aren't reaching.    
YES, you are reaching us.
NO, you are missing us. (Provide specifics as a comment.)
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Newsletter: paper or online?
There have been suggestions that NBCA should avoid the cost and environmental impact of printing the North Buckhead Newsletter and delivering it by USPS. What is your preference?   
I prefer the printed version
I prefer an online version
I like the chance to read it either way
I don't read it
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Newsletter: article ideas? 
Do you have an idea for a Buckhead Newsletter article or a topic for our website?

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Neighborhood Event Suggestions 

NBCA holds its FALL FLING event each November and our ANNUAL MEETING each March. What other neighborhood events should NBCA consider?

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Your Suggestions: any topic
Is there anything else we haven't mentioned that you would like to tell us about or suggest we do?

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Your Contact Information (optional)
Please, at least tell us what street you live on

(This information will not be used for any correspondence, email list, or whatever unless you gave permission at some point in this survey.)


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MOST IMPORTANT: Please be sure to click the FINISH button at the end of the survey.  Otherwise, none of your inputs will get to us.  Please click the FINISH BUTTON to record your inputs. 

Thanks for participating.